Naturally & Biodynamic

Our soil is our most precious asset! So we take good care of it.

The soils are our most precious asset - so we take care of them.

In our vineyards, you can find a lot of different soil types, that’s why the area “Weinviertel” is very exciting. The biggest part takes over “Loess” and “Loam”. It is a clastic, predominantly silt- size sediment that is formed by the accumulation of wind- blow dust. This type of soil is predestinated forour grapes. Moreover, you can discover chalky-, sand and flysch soil types.

To protect our valuable soil for the next generations we decided to farm our vineyards in an organic and biodynamic way. For us it is a requirement to work this way as we want strong and healthy vines and a functional ecosystem in our vineyards. Cover crop, bees and other insects are helping us to get
a vital and balanced soil and the vines are able to help themselves in difficult situation during the year.

Let nature take its course.

Today, the vineyards have grown in and around Loidesthal, Blumenthal and the area called Steinberg. Wild herbs, grasses and chamomile species grow between the vines, which help to increase biodiversity and provide living space for beneficial insects such as butterflies, ladybirds and earthworms. It is fertilized only with natural compost. Thus, we increase the biodiversity in the vineyard and strengthen the biodynamic of the vines in a natural way against diseases.


The Weinviertel is the largest wine-growing region in Austria and is located between Vienna and the border of the Czech Republic. The region is influenced by the rivers Danube and March. Noticeable are the last influences of the Pannonian climate, which is characterized by hot, dry summers and dry, cold winters. This affects our grapes in a unique way: fully ripe berries combined with this spicy and refreshing acidity result in so called „Cool Climate“ wines.


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