This is where the #sparkle happens!

Insights into our wine cellar.

In the cellar

There is not much to say as we try to avoid any unnecessary invention in the winemaking process. We believe in the natural flavor and taste of our handpicked grapes. In our opinion, less intervention in natural processes gives rise to characterful individual wines that are not trimmed to “one” taste.

One by one.
Riddled by hand & care.

In addition, there is the sparkling wine - inspired by a great passion for Champagne – the winery has been producing sparkling wine after the traditional method since years. They rest on the yeast at least for three years, until they are riddled and disgorged by hand. The outcome is a Rosé Brut with fruity berry flavor and a fine creamy perlage and an elegant Blanc de Blancs that is a great food companion with its mineral, firm structure.



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